Kamis, 05 Agustus 2010

Nima Mamobi citizens educated on sanitation

A PUBLIC education campaign aimed at creating awareness about poor environmental sanitation and ways to improve health conditions has been held in Nima and Mamobi in Accra.

The campaign, which is expected to run for six months, is to educate residents in these communities on how to separate waste through good solid waste management practices as well as the benefits derived from  economic and environmental waste.

It is being funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Youth and Social Enterprise Fund (Y-SEF), a local non-governmental organisation NGO ) in collaboration with Co-operate Housing Foundation (CHF) International, an NGO for pro-poor urban development.

The Executive Director of Y-SEF, Mr Stanley W. Attafi, said the programme was focused basically on  youth empowerment through job creation with the idea of guiding the youth to focus on plastic waste recycling.

He added that the programme would help reduce the problem of filth in the communities since most of the sanitation problems were caused by the residents themselves.

He stressed that engaging the youth in the programme could encourage them against engaging in deviant behaviours since it  created job opportunities for them.
"The Nima-Mamobi communities are packed with unemployed youth and, therefore, introducing this programme is aimed at giving them jobs and training on how to keep their environment and the society as a whole clean," Mr Attafi said.

He appealed to members of the community to lend support to the programme and urged them to send the message on how to separate  waste and keeping the environment clean.

The programme was launched with a soccer float on the principal streets of Nima and Maamobi and ended with a soccer gala at the Kawukudi park.

Published in Daily Graphic on 2 August 2010

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