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A RAILWAY project to change the face of the transport system in Accra is to be initiated by the Intercontinental Commerce Corporation (ICC), a construction company in the United States of America.


The implementation of the project, a Monorail system, is expected to create jobs and ease traffic congestion drastically in the Accra metropolis.It is being entirely funded by the ICC at a cost of $1.5 billion.
  Dubbed “Greater Accra Transit System,” the project would operate on elevated beams in order not to disturb pedestrians and traffic.
The transit system will commence in phases and will include retail and commercial facilities, shopping malls, parking facilities, hotel business conferences and beach resorts.The first phase of the project involves the construction of eight kilometres of elevated beamway.
 Mr Ron Watson, Transportation Engineer and Project Manager of Intercontinental Commerce Corporation, (ICC) USA told journalists in Accra that the transit system would operate from Danquah Circle and Kwame Nkrumah Circle, the Castle Drive and Ohene Gyan Sports Stadium.
  In a 15-minute video presentation, he showed the different aspects of the project and how they would be constructed in the country.
  Mr Watson said that the introduction of the Monorail would in no way affect the existing transport business in the country. Rather, he said it would reduce traffic congestion and make the movement of vehicles faster.
The project is expected to contribute to the  mordenisation and economic development of the Accra Metropolitan area to improve quality of life, facilitate and enhance the experience of tourists in the national capital.
The President of ICC, Mr E.J.Miller, said the project had successfully been completed in Cairo and the company was now implementing another one in Mecca.
 He said the project when launched, would create over 15,000 jobs during the construction period and  1,000 full-time jobs during its operations.

Published in Daily Graphic

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