Minggu, 08 Agustus 2010


A HEALTH screening and beauty exercise has been organised for the Kayayei at the Malata market in Accra.

The exercise was to check on the health status of the kayayei since they tend to work more than to check on their health.

It was was organised by the Pamela Brigdewater  Project in collaboration with the Sulemana Memorial Hospital in Accra was aimed at stressing on the need for Kayayei to go for regular health check ups and to also take care of their bodies.

The head of the Sulemana Medical Team, Mrs Gifty Johnson, disclosed that some of the children were malnourished, with malaria, diarrhoea and skin diseases being the characteristics of their babies.

The medical team has since issued special invitation cards for the pregnant women to visit the hospital for regular check-ups.

Mrs Rebecca Coleman, a co-ordinator of FC beauty clinic, used the opportunity to advice the young girls on teenage pregnancy.

She said since they were prone to sleeping in the open, they should be ware of rapists who would  take advantage of their innocence to defile them.

Mrs Ayisha Mohammed, the secretary of the Kunata Voluntary Organisation who are championing the cause of Pamela Bridgwater, promised of a continuous programme in looking after the needs of kayayei and that efforts were being made to provide accommodation facilities for them in Accra.

The girls, especially in the northern part of the country, migrate to the south in search for non-existence jobs.
They end up working as head porters in the big markets of Accra and Chums and get caught in the web of diseases, sexual abuses, teenage pregnancy and homelessness, among others.

It waist view of these issues that the former US Ambassador to Ghana initiated a project of constructing an educational village at Tampion in the Northern Region to halt the movement of  the girls from the north to the south.

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