Kamis, 05 Agustus 2010

agbogbloshie engulfed in filth

Agbogloshie market engulfed in filth
The Agbogbloshie market, one of the busiest market in Accra is slowly becoming an unhygienic place for the purchase of foodstuffs.
The market is engulfed in filth with foodstuffs sold in close proximity to mounds of waste and in open drains, piles of rubbish are stacked causing an unpleasant smell around the market.
Even though Zoomlion, a waste management company works day and night to help improve on the sanitation condition in the market, the attitude of the traders in the market towards their surrounding has failed to help improve the sanitation situation in the market.
It is shocking to know that traders defecate and pass urine right where they sell their wares because of the limited sanitary facilities available in the market.
Traders say they do this to prevent them from walking long distances back and forth and also loosing customers at this attempt.

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