Minggu, 22 Agustus 2010

First Ramadan Lecture

Story: Zainabu Issah

The Head of the Education Committee of Ghana Muslim Academy (GMA), Brother Awudu Dramani has called on parents to use proactive measures in encouraging their wards to seek circular education.
He said this would inturn reduce the high rate of poverty and illiteracy in the Muslim community.
He added that to seek knowledge is a sacred duty and obligatory of every Muslim whether male or female and that the first word revealed of the Quran was “Iqra,” which means to seek knowledge.
This he said at the 1st annual Ramadan lectures organised by the Ghana Muslim Academy (GMA) in Accra.
The lecture  was focused on the theme, “ Education- an immutable dynamic to poverty alleviation,” was focused on making Muslims to see the need in adding formal education to their Islamic knowledge which would make them dynamic in any situation they find themselves.
Mr Dramani  said  poverty is a cause of lack of education and that education contributes to property reduction in Ghana.
“ Education helps to alleviate poverty by affecting labour productivity and other parts of social benefits that are vital to national development,” he said.
He also said the real purpose of education fails when education is unable to meet real needs of human and its society and therefore the education system needs to be modified as present and future needs of man.
 He therefore urged Muslims to encourage themselves to learn more to develop the act of communication which would help them preach the word of Islam.
The President of GMA, Mr Nurudeen Alhassan, said organising this annual lecture was with an objective  to sensitise and conscietize the Ghanainan public especially the Muslim public particularly the Muslim public on issues affecting the spiritual, political, economic and social development.

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