Kamis, 05 Agustus 2010

Imams undergo training in peace bulding

SEVENTY Imams from the various Muslim-dominated communities in Accra have ended a one-month training in peace-building and leadership.
The one-month programme was aimed at training Imams of the various Islamic sects to have one common understanding of Islam in order to foster peace among Muslims.
The programme was jointly organised by the Islamic University College of Ghana (IUCG) and the Cultural Consulate of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
In his speech at the closing ceremony of the programme, the President of the IUCG, Dr Ahmad Ali Ghane, said the purpose of the programme was to increase the knowledge of Imams and also bring unity, brotherhood, friendship and fostering of peace among all sects of Muslims.
He added that achieving knowledge was obligatory to every Muslim, saying that showed the importance of teaching and learning, especially whatever was related to the religion and the Quran.
“As leaders of the Islamic society, you are automatically the mouthpiece of every problem in the Muslim community. It is, therefore, important for you to know how to execute this situation without causing chaos in society,” he said.
The Head of Religious Studies at the IUCG, Sheikh Seebaway, urged the participants to use what they had learnt as a tool to impart knowledge to society, especially the youth.
He said the youth were the most vulnerable to change and that imparting what they had learnt to them would help change their behaviour and improve their moral status as Muslims.
The 70 Imams were later presented with certificates of participation and urged to invite other Imams to join in the monthly programme.

Published in Daily Graphic on July 30,2010

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