Minggu, 29 Agustus 2010


Story: Zainabu Issah

Dealers in the Ghana Textiles Wax Print (GTP) have inaugurated an association in Accra.
The formation of the association was to have a common voice to fight against the smuggling of fake textiles into the country.
The Chairman of the occasion, Nana Owusu Yentumi Akyemperi said forming an association demanded alot of sacrifice to keep it standing.
" You should be dedicated and unified to keep the association alive," he added.
He also urged them to assist the counterfeiting force who are fighting against the smuggling of textiles in the country.
The Managing Director of GTP, Mr Erik Vander Staaij, said the formation of the association would help in the control of pricing on the textile market.
" We can now be able to effectively know what is going on in the market so that management can take drastic action," he said.
He further urged them to help in improving the quality of the product thereby promoting and booming its business.
Mr Staaij added that they can now fulfil their social responsibility functions now that they are together by helping one another.
The President of the association, Madam Rosemary Kudjoe said the association would do well in identifying the counterfeit goods and bring those responsible to justice.
The inauguration brought together other sister associations from Tarkoradi, Ho, Cape Cost, Koforidua, Oda and Kumasi.

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