Kamis, 17 Januari 2013


Thousands of people besieged the office of the Daily Graphic ) to submit their job application forms following an advertisement placed in the paper on January 3, 2012.

While the newspaper did not advertise the name of the organisation, some of the applicants said it was being placed by the Customs Exercise and Preventive Service (CEPS).

The advertisement further categorised the job into five which included senior and junior officer’s positions.

The senior officer’s position includes operation officers, chemical and metallurgical engineers, laboratory officers and technicians whilst the junior officer’s position included operations and communications officers.

Applicants are however, required to go through a screening examination as part of the recruitment process which would be conducted by a body external to the organisation.

Speaking to the Daily Graphic, an applicant, Mr Fred Nanor, who just completed his national service expressed optimism that his application would pull through.

“If they are to go by the requirements, then am sure to be part of the recruitment process and also get a job,” he said.

Speaking to the Daily Graphic on condition of anonymity, a source at the Ghana Revenue Authority confirmed the placement of the advert was indeed from CEPS, a subsidiary of the Ghana Revenue Authority.

The source said the name of the organisations was not made known to the general public because it wanted to undertake a free and fair recruitment process without any interference.

“We did not want to have the pressure of recruiting people put of favouritism. We want a fair recruitment and anyone who fits the job description is sure to the recruited,” the source explained.

However, some of the applicants were reluctant that they would be recruited because of the organisations nature as state owned.

“These state institutions can’t be trusted. Maybe they are placing the advert just to get the attention but they have actually selected the people they are going to recruit already,” an applicant said.

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