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THE President of the National House of Chiefs, Naa Professor John Nabila, has called on the people of the north to put aside their differences and fight poverty, ignorance and conflict in the region.

 “This is not the time for you to raise issues of conflict but to rather work together in unity for the development of the north,” he added.

He was speaking at a national durbar of northern youth in Accra last Sunday.

The durbar, organised by the Gonjaland Youth Association (GYA), brought together chiefs, clan heads, youth groups, and youth chiefs from all the three northern regions in the country.

The event was intended to discuss development issues confronting the north and also celebrate the election of President John Dramani Mahama.

Professor Nabila said it was important that the President channelled his resources into the development of the country rather than rushing to the north to settle disputes.

In attendance were the National Chief Imam, Shiekh Dr Osumanu Nuhu Sharubutu; the Chairman of Zongo Chiefs, Alhaji Moro Baba Issa and the Deputy Majority leader, Mr Rashid Pelpuo, among others.

Tradition was put on display as the people danced and sang traditional songs to share their joy on the election of a northerner as president of the country.

Most of them were dressed in traditional costumes, while others  wore various political party colours.

Professor Nabila further urged them to see President Mahama as a symbol of unity, adding that it was time for the people in the northern regions to show that they were honest and good people.

The National Chairman of the Gonjaland Youth Association, Dr Edward A Haruna, in his address, said it was time for the people of the north to see themselves as one people, irrespective of tribal, religious or political affiliations.

He said it was also time for them to encourage themselves to fully accept education as the only tool in reducing poverty, ignorance and conflict in the north.

“A time has come for us to convince the world that we are no longer the source of conflict and wars, but we can only do this by learning to use the appropriate channel in addressing our disagreements instead of resorting to the use of arms,” he added.

Dr Haruna urged the youth to continue to be law abiding, adding that government should not renege on the promises made to the people of the Ghana and the northern region in particular.

 Mr Rashid Pelpuo, in his remarks, urged the people of the three northern regions to patch up their differences in order to ensure peace in the north.

He said the northern regions had in the last four years  experienced some developmental changes and it was important that those changes continued to prevail in the north in peace and unity.

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