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Mr. Nikai (seated right) signing the grant  at a ceremony in Accra.
THE Japanese government has provided a US$217,641 grant to the Maata-N-Tudu (Women of the North) Association, a non-governmental organisation (NGO), to support the construction of a maternity ward in the Bunkpurugu Yunyoo District in the Northern Region.

The maternity ward, which is expected to be completed in eight months, will enhance maternal health care in the district.

Pregnancy related cases will no longer be overwhelming for the centre since the grant was also providing essential equipment needed for the usage by health staff.

It will also provide a conducive environment for both staff and patients, thereby improving ante-natal and neo-natal care in the district.

The Bunkpurugu Health Centre, the only health centre in the district, is unable to meet the diverse needs of its inhabitants as it is challenged by inadequate equipment and low bed capacity.

The centre is challenged by inadequate equipment and low bed capacity.In emergency cases, patients have to travel about 60 kilometres from Bunkpurugu to seek health care in the nearest district.

This gave situation could result in severe complications for women in labour and other patients who require immediate attention.

It is to help address some of these challenges, especially in the provision of maternal healthcare, that the Japanese government decided to support the NGO with the grant to build a maternity ward.

Speaking at a grant signing ceremony in Accra, the Japanese Ambassador to Ghana, Mr Naoto Nikai, said the grant was sourced from the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Project (GGHSP) of the embassy.

 The scheme so far has funded a total of 246 projects of which 57 were for the health sector alone.
He said, the construction of the maternal health centre was in line with the embassy’s effort in meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) 4 and 5 which were concerned with maternal and child care.

Additionally, the project fits with the District’s Assembly and Health Directorate’s projection of upgrading the health centre into a district hospital to serve a wider scope of patients.

“Indeed, I am confident that the completion of the maternity ward by the association will provide the desired health service deserving of inhabitants of the Bunkpurugu Yunyoo district,” Mr Nikai said.

Also, as partners in development, the embassy was committed to promoting the development of the nation through improved healthcare delivery.

He, however, urged the association to effectively utilise the grant for the benefit of the district.

Receiving the grant, the Executive Secretary of the Maata-N-Tudu association, Mr Konlan Jabong, said the district was one of the most deprived districts in the country so far as health delivery was concerned.

He said, the several competing demands on the part of the Government has made it impossible for the district to have its fair share of the national cake.

He recalled that in the first quarter of 2012, the people of Bunkprugu made a several clarion calls to different organisations and agencies which proved futile.

Mr Jabong , pledged that the funds shall be used solely for the project and its approved purposes and would supervise the project effectively to ensure its sustainability for the benefit of several generations to come.

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