Senin, 14 Januari 2013


Vodafone Ghana Limited today (Friday) presented items worth GHC 5000 to the Autism Center to support continued care for the children at the Centre.

The donation was in fulfilment to a promise made by the company to donate GH1 for every 'Like' they received on their facebook page to the center.

The items donated included assorted children's toys and educational materials that would help and support the intellectual growth of the children.

Autism is a neurological disorder which leaves people unable to make sense of the world around them and can cause them considerable anxiety.

In particular, understanding and relating to ther people, and taking part in everyday family and social life may be harder for them.

Globally, the disorder affects one in 88 children and is said to be the fastest growing epidermic as more children are diagnosed with autisim than cancer and HIV/AIDS combined.

The condition is further explained to occur as a result of a neurological disorder that has an effect on the normal brain function , affecting the development of the persons communication  and social interraction skills.

Addressing the gathering at a ceremony in Accra, the Head of Corporate Communications of Vodafone, Carmen Bruce-Annan,said the children needed love and support to grow and contribute their quota to the society.

“We all agree that these young children need undertsanding, love and support to fully realise their potential, irrespective of their condition,”she said.

She expressed optimism that the donation would provide immeasurable learning opportunities for the children and prepare them for the future.

She also lauded the efforts of their facebook fans for responsing to the campaign and further pledging their support  to the kids.

Mrs Bruce- Annan,however, pledged the organisations committment to its brand promise of empowering individuals, groups nd communities in the health sector throughout the country.

People with autisim are said to have  issues  with non-verbal communicatioin, a wide range of social interractions, and activites that include an element of play and or banter.

The Founder of the Autisim Center, Mrs Serwah Quainoh in her remarks thanks the organisation for their support.

She said it was important that children with autism were given special care and attention in order to help them develop.

She therefore advised parents with such conditions to not lose hope but rather seek professional advice and be part of the training process of their children.

“ Accept the children and understand them instead of giving them the ‘dirty’ looks,” she said.

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