Senin, 01 April 2013



I  took a pen and paper to write. But I actually didn't know what to write about I still wanted to write something. So it came to me to write about my life in 2010.The year 2010 was somehow rough and smooth.
January I remember was a scary month for me. As to why it was scary for me, I do not want to share with you cos i do not want to talk about it.

February soon came and took away my fear cos it was the month of Love. Now THEY SAY, its the world Chocolate month. Whether Chocolate or Love, I spent it with my family cos I was still lonely.

March, April, May, June are months I would always want to relive.I had Fun with friends and also met different kinds of people. But the most amazing part is, I got scared at a point in time trying to socialize, because I didn't know what their intentions towards me where. Some say am so cool to be around with, others say the mere sight of me makes them happy. But I say am one HELL of a I blend in anytime. Back to their response on why they like me, I do not believe them at all. Sometimes, I wish I had the ability to read minds and Hearts. Then I can really know who my true friends are. But I guess I cant play God.

July soon sneaked on me. Derm! I LOVE THE MONTH OF JULY. I love to be put to sleep with the sound of rain drops singing to me a lullaby,the uncalled for visits by the rain any time anyday.I guess u have concluded by now that I love rain. YES! YES! But  can you blame me? I was born in the month of July for God sake. The rain brings peace and joy to my soul. I climaxed the month with a silent birthday. ooooooh poor me! But thanks to my friends on facebook, I got lots of wishes. GUYS, I cant thank You enough. I thank Allah for you.

August, September, October to November has been hectic for me. I have to WORK, WORK,WORK and it almost ate my whole being. But the month of OCTOBER changed my life. YES! YES! YES! OCTOBER!

IN OCTOBER, I found SOMETHING SPECIAL. As to what it is, am not ready to share that with you too. I call it my LUCKY CHARM, MY TREASURE. This treasure made me realize what I have been missing this past years. I guess you cant run away from somethings huh? I hope and for it to keep me as am keeping it. As I wish for it to be mine, I pray it wished that too. As I think about it everyday, I want it to think about me too.

But come to think of it, WHY ARE YOU INVADING IN MY PRIVACY UNINVITED AND READING THE MOST BORING LIFE STORY OF 2010? OH SORRY, I FORGOT THIS IS FACEBOOK. Please get off my NOTE and go write yours. Wait, you and I know am joking right? LOL.

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