Senin, 01 April 2013


Writing is my hobby but poetry is my first LOVE. Unlike other poets I write my poems with no motive. The words kept flowing and I kept writing and in 10 minutes I got this piece. Hope you enjoy it...

                                            I CURSE YOU

I write these words with a heavy pain in my heart

That for every tear I shed in your name, I curse you

That for every pain you've caused me, I curse you

That for every moment I believed in your lies, I curse you

That for every minute I spent with you out of love without you loving me back, I curse you

That this curse I curse shall be with you until your last breath

That you will never find happiness as I shared no happiness with you

That my name shall forever remain on your lips as no name shall no longer be soothing to the ear

That you will forever live in pain knowing that you can no longer have me

That love shall forever fail you everywhere you go

That you shall forever not find happiness even in your grave

That any woman who comes into your life after me shall pit in your face

That every eye you shut shall be opened by a mere dream of me

That I love you so much to not curse you this much.

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