Senin, 01 April 2013



He looked into my eyes and said I LOVE YOU
I looked into his eyes and said nothing
Not that i didn't know what it meant
But that i couldn't see it in his eyes

He whispered to me the words again
I only smiled in return
Not that i didn't hear what he said
But that i couldn't feel him say it.

Love is meant for everybody to have
But my life is not that of love
I remember crying for love
But now love means nothing

My life is that of opportunites
I grab them anytime they come by
But should an opportunity of love come  by
Am too scared to grab it

For love hurts when its complicated
Love hurts when its not complete
Love hurts when its too far
Love hurts when its too scary
And love hurts when its not love.

I pray for love everyday
But not for me to have
But to the one who would love me
For with him I can feel love

To the day he would say I LOVE YOU
Guess what i would do
For I want to tell him I LOVE YOU
But am afraid he might not love me in return.

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