Jumat, 21 Oktober 2011

Help the Ghana Society for the Disabled

Story and picture: Zainabu Issah

Fifty three years after the establishment of the Ghana Society for the Socially Disadvantaged (GSSD), the society can still not boost a well-structured facility to accommodate the numerous beggers on the street.

The facility, which was formally called the Kaneshie Cripples Home, is the only cripple home in the country accommodating persons living with various forms of physical disability.

The Chairman for the Board of Directors of the centre, Mr Anthony Mensah said, due to accommodation problems, they cannot house more than 25 persons and this was creating a problem because the main aim of the society was to have all the physically challenged persons in the centre trained in various vocations.

The centre, which is funded through a government-private collaboration, is faced with numerous challenges. To address some of these challenges, Heal the World Mission International, a non governmental organisation, as part of its third year anniversary celebrations, has donated food items to support the society.

The food items included a bag of maize, rice, two detergents, two boxes of bathing soap, a cooling oil, two toiletries and a carton of milk. It was to complement the food that they have and to also show their support to the society.

Mr Awuku Asare, the centre manager,says they have to depend heavily on individuals and corporate bodies for financial support, since government only provides them with human resource.

He added that it would also be important for the society to get a vehicle to transport the physically challenged to visit other parts of country and also introduce them to new workshops as it would help broaden their minds and also develop their interest in their vocation.

He appealed that the physically challenged be brought to the home for them to acquire some skills training to prevent them from begging on the streets.They go through three years of training in dressmaking, shoemaking, computer literacy and other skills.
Mrs Pastor Wumi Olukilede of the Heal the World Mission outreach presents the donation to the society.

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