Rabu, 19 Oktober 2011


THE President of the Ghana Actors Guild (GAG), Mr Samuel Nii Odoi-Mensah, has urged actors to develop the skill of writing and putting their ideas on paper other than allowing others to tell their own story.

He added that the  film industry entailed a lot and therefore, it was proper for those involved to tell their own story the way they saw it.

“ Until now, we have depended on the media and others to speak on our behalf. Now we wish to speak for ourselves," he said.

Mr Mensah was speaking at the launch of the GAG Newsletter in Accra.

The newsletter is to serve as a link between GAG, its members and the general public as well as the government and the world at large.

He added that the newsletter would largely deal with official and more intimate matters which would help change attitudes towards the arts and its various departments and also promote it.

"When the arts in the nation gets better, it is not only the artistes who benefit but the nation is the ultimate benefactor," he said.

He,therefore, called for the contribution of all actors and those in the arts industry to contribute their quota in making the newsletter a success.

The Executive Director of the National Theatre of Ghana, Efo Kwado Mawubge, urged members of GAG to play effective roles in the promotion of the paper.
He said "no one can tell the story better than those who are in the story."

The General Secretary of the Trade Union Congress (TUC) of Ghana, Mr Kofi Mensah, said it was important that the necessary support was given to GAG and other allied organisations in order to enhance the performing arts industry and make it exportable.

He added that as the actors try to project issues of society, they should do well to promote the Ghanian culture and not let the Western culture overshadow it.
"You have a responsibility in the preservation of the Ghanaian culture," he said.

He also called for unity among actors in the film industry to enable them to achieve their ultimate goals of projecting cultural values.

The launch of the newsletter brought together other GAG associations from the Central, Western and Ashanti regions.


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