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A 27-year old ex-convict, Stephen Quarshie alias Fowas Mahmoud , has been arrested for allegedly robbing filling stations and shops

He was aresseted by the Accra Regional Police at his hideout in Kuntunse near Amasaman.
The police retirived a gussi gun with six rounds of ammunition concealed in a bag-pack from the suspect

Upon interrogation, the suspect also known as Fofo confessed to being part of a robbery on June, 8, 2012, where he and his group attacked a filling station at Amasaman around 2pm and went away with a hudge sum of  money.

According to the story narrated to the media by the Accra Regional Police Commander in Accra today (Monday), DCOP Patrick Timbillah, the suspect has been on the wanted list of the police for a long time.

He narrated that on June 8, 2012, when the suspect and his gang has robbed the filling station at Amasaman, the Police swiftly moved to the scene but met the suspects half way on the Accra-Kumasi Highway.

He said the suspect, was seen holding a welding gun but the police could not open fire at them because there were people standing by and vehicles.

That, he explained, made the suspects escape narrowly hence a proactive policing strategy was put in motion to track and apprehend them.

According to DCOP Timbillah, it took the police a hectic struggle before the suspect was overpowered and arrested.

Among the robberies the suspect is alleged to be part of include; a robbery at Antis shop at Haatso in February this year where he had GHC1,500 as his booty, and the robbing of the Shell Filling station at Kpobiman  where his gang had GHC 4,000 and was captured by the CCCTV at the filling station.

Also in December last year, the suspect together with his group snatched a bag containing GHC 20,000.

Asked where he got the gun, the suspect said he brought the gun along with him when he travelled to Libya some months back where he went to seek asylum from his crimes.

The District Commander of Amasaman, Superintendent Kwado Asante said investigations were ongoing to track the rest of the gang involved in the crime activities.

DCOP Timbillah however called on the general public to continue to assist the Police in arresting and detaining criminals who pose as a threat to the society.

“Policing was a collective duty which needs the collective support to operate”, he said.

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