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 STORY: Zainabu Issah

THE Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of KAMA Group of Companies, Dr Michael Agyekum Addo, has suggested the inclusion of entrepreneurial studies in the curricula of schools from the basic to the tertiary level.

According to him, there was the need to sensitise students to appreciate the need to establish their own enterprises after graduating from school.

In addition, he said graduates should be able to delve into the production of items that would generate adequate revenue for accelerated growth to take place in the country.

Dr Addo made the call at a day’s seminar organised by the Kama Educational Project, an initiative by the Kama Group of Companies, in collaboration with the Ghana Education Service (GES).

The seminar which was on the theme: “Linking Courses of Learning to Entrepreneurship-The Teacher Factor”, brought together teachers from some Senior High Schools in the country.

It aimed at equipping teachers with techniques on how to adopt new ways of teaching to make teaching and learning  more useful, meaningful and effective.

Dr Addo attributed the increase in unemployment to the failure of teachers in being practical in the classroom.

He said most of the teachers taught only the theoritical aspect of the school’s syllabus rather than the practical aspect.

He, therefore, challenged stakeholders in the educational sector to include entrepreneurial studies in the curricula from the basic to the tertiary levels as a matter of urgency.

“It is only when the youth appreciate the fact that the 21st Century has little or no room for those who solely rely on the public sector for employment and set up their own enterprises that the upsurge in massive graduate unemployment among the youth would be reduced”, he noted.

He pointed out that the 21st Century was full of challenges and it was only those who devised means of overcoming such challenges who would survive and create wealth for themselves and their communities.

Dr  Addo urged the teachers not to only inspire their students to be interested in subjects perceived to be difficult, but also be innovative enough to make students aware of the various opportunities that awaited the students if they  focused on such subjects.

“The trend of affairs across the world is changing at a faster rate, so there is the need for teachers to keep abreast of time by not only changing their old methods  of teaching, but also using  their imaginative powers to initiate programmes that would unearth the potential of their students and nurture them into fruition”, he advised.

He said students who were creative in class always performed better after graduation, explaining that it was such students who always established their own enterprises and ensured that they grew into viable industries.

He pointed out that performing very well in class and coming out with the best of certificates without the skills to make such certificates useful to society was not enough.

Dr Addo also urged teachers to introduce puzzles, games, quizzes and humour into their subject areas, as a way of making such subjects more interesting and attractive to students.

He said it was equally important for parents and guardians to encourage children to use their vacations to learn various vocations with the view to acquiring skills that could be used to generate revenue to support themselves.

The Director General of the GES, Ms Benedicta Naana Biney, said there was the need to identify students who could generate ideas and turn them into economically viable businesses to support themselves and create some jobs as well.

She, however, called on the teachers to implement the knowledge they had gained from the seminar in the classrooms; so as to make the learning environment a  business one.

“Today’s teacher must be touched  with the entrepreneurial revolution of the 21st century. We must understand it and help these children develop ideas out of the subjects we teach to make a good living by creating jobs for themselves and others,” she added.

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