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THE Principal of the Methodist University College, Rev Professor Samuel Adjepong, has called on insurance companies to set up scholarship schemes for students who show exceptional qualities and skills in their area of study in order to push them to develop their talents.

He also called on them to expand their insurance provision in order to reach out to every Ghanaian.
 Professor Adjepong was speaking at the fifth graduation ceremony of the Ghana Insurance College (GIC) in Accra.

He cited students who offered courses like agriculture and needed funding and support to make the course more appealing to others saying, “agriculture is not the most subscribed choice of profession but it is the backbone  of the country’s development”.

Furthermore, GIC should develop the distance education module in order to bring insurance studies to the door step of those who needed it.

“This would help the college to reach out to many other students who desire to study insurance but are unable to do so due to the location of the school,” he said.

Also, the online delivery would help to increase the number of students in the school thereby having more people in the insurance sector to help move the country forward.

He, however, urged the graduates to apply what they had studied to their work and uphold the ethics of the profession.

The Director of GIC, Mr Justice Ofori, said in order to assist practitioners to adhere to good practice and ethics of the profession, the College had developed a distinctive training model that integrated the theory and practice of insurance.

“The College collaborates with other leading insurance training institutes elsewhere in the world to develop appropriate training models,” he said.

He said apart from the initial equity funds provided by the stakeholders, the College also generated its income mainly from professional courses and seminars targeted at different categories of insurance professionals and practitioners of other professional disciplines such as banking and accounting.

Mr Ofori said the expectation of the stakeholders that the College would champion the advancement of ethical insurance practice and professional competence.

He also urged the graduates to do well in promoting the ethics of insurance in all their endeavours.

A total of 216 students comprising  Advance Diploma, Diploma, and Certificate programmes graduated with three students, Madam Norvisi Dzikunu, Mr Sydney Kafui Amenyedor and Seth Adjaye Otchere being the overall best students under the Advanced Diploma category.

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