Jumat, 11 Mei 2012



THE President of Regent University College of Science and Technology, Reverend Dr Emmanuel Larbi, has called for the establishment of a Bank for Education to provide loans for needy students to finance their tertiary education.    

When established, he said, the bank could grant soft loans to educational institutions for them to expand.

Dr Larbi made the call at the university’s fifth graduation ceremony to confer various degrees and awards on students who had successfully completed their studies.

“Funds from this type of bank could come from the Social Security and National Insurance Trust,” he explained.

He said GETFund Law, which seeks to provide financial support to agencies and institutions under the
Ministry of Education for the development and maintenance of essential academic facilities and infrastructure in public educational institutions, could be amended to enable it contribute to the establishment of such a bank.

Dr Larbi explained further that one of the challenges plaguing the educational system in the country was the inability of the intellectually capable to be in school because of  financial difficulties.

“ We have situations where students cannot move beyond the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) because their parents cannot afford to support them financially,” he explained

He observed that although Ghana had 68 accredited diploma and degree awarding institutions, the institutions could not absorb all the students  from  high schools.    

He said an urgent research was  needed to be conducted to inform policy makers regarding the number of qualified prospective students who qualified for enrolment in the public universities or private universities.    

On politics, Dr Larbi said, “the politics where we are willing to maim and kill, the politics where we determine to consistently paint our opponents as beasts and criminals of the highest class, the politics where we are willing to win power or retain power at all cost, and by all necessary means is alien to true politics.”

 “Unless the distorted understanding  of politics is changed, Africa  will continue  to have self-acclaimed messiahs on the political scene who more often than not are wolves in sheep’s clothing,” he said

He, however, called for strong, effective and ethical leadership that could transform the country and the African continent within the shortest possible time.    

He urged the graduates to live with boundless optimism in the future.

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