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Story and Picture : Zainabu Issah

HYUNDAI Auto Plaza Limited has distributed educational items and 150 Hyundai-branded balls to the students of the Flagstaff House School, the New Town Experimental Basic School and the La Bawaleshie Primary School in Accra.
The exercise formed part of the second phase of the anti-malaria campaign initiated last year by Hyundai to sensitise Ghanaians to the disease.
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Hyundai Auto Plaza, Mr Jihad Hijazi, said malaria, aside other non communicable diseases, malaria continued to be the number one killer disease in children.
“It is unfortunate that so many Ghanaian children still die from diseases that are easily preventable and treatable with minimum resource, “ he said.
He said it was time for Ghanaians to focus more on regenerative health and nutrition with particular emphasis on improving health and sanitation and adaptation of safe behaviours in malaria control programmes.
He added that children were the future leaders of the country and hence there was the need to regularly sensitise them to the need to cultivate the habit of having safe and clean environments.
“Children learn fast with practical examples in schools and they are also fast learners when they are thought well,” he explained.
Madam Vivian Addai, a nurse from the Ankam Medical Centre, also entreated the children to report cases of ill health to their parents in order that they could have immediate treatment.
The first phase of the anti malaria campaign started last year with a massive clean up exercise in the Chorkor, Teshie and Nima communities, sensitising them to the need to keep their environments clean.

Published in Daily Graphic on Tuesday  24th January 2012

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