Rabu, 25 Januari 2012


Story: Zainabu Issah
THE National Coordinator of the Tertiary Education Students Chapter (TESCHART) of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) , Mr Fredrick Opoku, has asked the Mayor of Accra , Mr Alfred Vandapuji, to resign in the next seven days.
That, he said, followed the demolition of over 500 illegal structures along the railway line near the Kwame Nkrumah Circle last week.
“Mr Vandapuje has demonstrated his usual total contempt for the plight of the vulnerable in society, throwing thousands of women and children onto the streets and making them homeless, jobless and incapable of furthering their education  or providing for their need,” he said at a press conference in Accra.
He added that the forceful removal of people from their homes without proper planning like what had happened to the poor and voiceless at Odawna, was a clear human rights violation which sought to deny victims their rights to housing and security of tenure as demanded by the constitution of the country.
As stipulated in the international law on housing such as the Economic Social and Cultural Rights (ESCR) which the government was party to, he said, the country was obliged to respect and follow procedure before undertaking any eviction .
Mr Opoku said there was also the need to have alternative means of livelihood to be provided through compensation or relocation of the evictees.
He recalled that close to 950 children had prematurely ended their education because their parents had been deprived of their livelihoods.
“Over 1,650 women are today thrown out of their homes and now eager to enter any indecent trade to make a living.
“ This we highly believe, majority of these homeless women will be involved in selling their bodies to have three square meals a day,” he added.
Furthermore, he said, close to 400 men had been rendered homeless by the action and the possibility of involving themselves in indecent activities such as robbery and other unacceptable social vices.
Mr Opoku also stressed that the mayor had failed in the exercise of his duties and had consistently, after the demolition exercise, received verbal virtipulations from the public including some important public officials in the country.
He added that the CPP would not sit unconcerned to the massacre of the people in the country and was also unfortunate that public servants were happy to see the poor suffer.

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