Senin, 31 Desember 2012


The National Chief Imam, Sheikh Dr Imam Nuhu Sharubutu, has advised Ghanaians not to engage in anything form of activity that may destroy the peace of the country.

He has also reminded them of the need to be united as one people for the continuous development of the nation.

“We have to be united as one and see any misunderstanding as a test to our peaceful co-existence,” he said.
The Chief Imam made these remarks after Jummah prayers in Accra today (Friday) following a directive by the President John Dramani Mahama, for all to pray for the peace of the nation.

He said the country had always been tagged as a peaceful country hence the responsibility of every Ghanaian to play the role of maintaining peace in the country even after the general elections.

He further explained that elections provided the means for Ghanaians to express their views about the government through the ballot and not start violence.

Sheikh Sharubutu, therefore, urged all to remain calm and advised that legal means should be used to address all issues in order to keep the country peaceful.

He congratulated Ghanaians, expecially the Muslim communities, for going through successful polls.
He also urged the youth to be disciplined at all times and not allow themselves to be used as tools for voilence.

“Choose the path of peace always and Allah would reward you abundantly,” he added.

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