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Instil discipline, responsibility in children’

Story : Zainabu Issah

Parents have been urged to instil discipline and a sense of responsibility in children for them to grow and become responsible citizens.

Mrs Mary Quaye, a Director at the Ministry of Education, who made the statement when she deputised for the sector Minister, Mrs Betty Mould Iddrisu, at this year’s Universal Children’s Day celebrations in Accra, said ensuring that children cultivate the habit of responsibility, encouraged them to look towards the future with brighter hopes and also lived responsible lives.

She said encouraging children to cultivate an attitude of responsibility would help them focus on their education and the future as a whole.

She said the education sector controlled over seven million children, hence the need not to neglect them, and therefore urged parents to help the education sector in shaping the lives of the children for the development of the country.

She also called on children to stay away from bad influence and live morally upright lives to develop their intellectual capabilities.

The Chief Executive Officer of Emerald Productions, organisers of the programme, Madam Irene Larwia Zakpaa, said children had the capabilities of achieveing great things when they grew up in the right conditions, with food, clothing and water for a healthy life, with equal opportunities to learn, and with freedom from the threats of violence and exploitation.

“ Children are our future. To survive and thrive, children need guidance, education, the chance to develop their abilities in order to take full advantage of their potentials. They need to be healthy and they need safety and security,” she added.

She therefore called for planned and sustained efforts for the realisation of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), particularly those that related to improving access to primary education, reducing child mortality, and improving health systems.

The occasion brought together children from various parts of the region who engaged in sporting activities such as lime and spoon racing, volleyball, football, basketball, athletics, among others.

Universal Children’s Day is celebrated on November 20 every year, to promote International togetherness and awareness among children and to also promote the welfare of children around the globe.

November, 20 is also a special day because the 'Declaration of the rights of the children' was adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1959 and later in 1989, the Convention of the Rights of the Child was also adopted, to serve as important tools for promoting the rights of children all over the world.

Still, there are few countries like Australia and India which choose different dates every year to celebrate Universal Children's Day. This day is not only special for children, but also special for parents as they try to spend most of the time on this day with their children either at home or going on field trips, sight seeing or attending a special musical event.

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