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Story: Zainabu Issah

PLAN Ghana in partnership with Save the Children Sweden, and other development stakeholders has organised a-four-day  youth forum on violence against children in Accra.

The forum which brought together 80 children from 16 West African countries was designed to facilitate and exchange ideas and find solutions to violence against children.

It was also to give the youth the opportunity to expand their networks to stop violence through encouragement and empowerment.

The United Nations Special Representative on Violence Against Children (UNSRSG), Ms Marta Santos Pais said the issue of violence against children was becoming very rampant as such there was the need to put up measures to eradicate it.

She added that children who were most vulnerable to these incidents were girls .
"They are sexually exploited and made to do all kinds of dirty jobs which intern affects their lives in future," she said.

Furthermore, certain cultural practices like female genital mutilation has made girls vulnerable to infections and maternal death.

" I therefore urge you all to speak up whenever you feel exploited and violated so that people would be brought to justice," she said.

Ms Pais also urged the participating countries to do well in supporting the eradication of violence against children.
"They are the future leaders and when they are exploited who would be there to play the role of future leaders," she said.
She again said children witness violence and endure physical, emotional and sexual violence everyday .
"This makes them suffer reprisals and stigmatisation because they do not know whom to report to for counselling and support," she said.

The Minister for Youth and Sports, Ms Akua Sena Dansua said for the needed attention to be given to children issues, there was the need to encourage children to report violence done them.
" You are the children who are being exploited against your will. We at the Ministry can't do anything about it unless you voice it out for those who are guilty to be punished," she said.

The Vice Chairperson of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, Dr Agnes Akosua Aidoo said there was the need to initiate drastic measures to address violence against children, since it could be the cause of life to and death of children.

She advised parents to ensure that punishment meted out to children for offence committed, should be reformative and not exploitative.

" You can deny the child some of his or her favourite hobbies like footballs, television, games and even visits from friends. This way you are denying the child something very important to him or her," she said.

She added that the abuse of children physically tended to remain with them until they grew. Thus also inflicting the same wounds unto other children.

Some of the participants from The Gambia, Mali and Cote d'voire gave reports on how children are abused in their countries.

 From left: A participant from Cote d'voire, the United Nations Special Representative on Voilence Against Children, Ms Marta Santos Pais, the Minster for Youth and Sports, Ms Akua Sena Dansua and a participant from senegal at the forum.

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